Tuesday, 20 January 2015

MOC City Drug Runner - 20/01/2015

- Add ability to get a loan from the bank, charge 2% interest per day. - Done 14/12/2014
- Add option to enable / disable sounds -  Done 20/01/2015

Sunday, 14 December 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 14/12/2014

- Add notice if Qubars running low. - Done 13/12/2014
- Disable bonus items before 15 days have passed. - Done 14/12/2014
- Remove PIN access - Done 13/12/2014

Friday, 28 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 28/11/2014

- Create game logo for blog - Done 26/11/2014
- Add unlimted health (only per game play session) - Done 27/11/20014
- Add cheat file (read in values and enable various options for testing) - Done 27/11/2014
- Change PIN code system, now on first run you will be prompted to change the default PIN 1234 to your own 4-8 digit code. - Done 28/11/2014
- Update about / help file - Convert to HTML and update - Done 28/11/2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 25/11/2014

- Add game option - Your pet cat gets sick, spend $650 on the vet - Done 23/11/2014
- Add game sounds - Done 23/11/2014
- Change to game display - Done 23/11/2014
- Bug Fix - Limit PIN to 4 - 8 digits - Done 23/11/2014
- Add drink driving charge - Done 23/11/2014
- Change game finished file, now saves each game in a new file with the date as part of the file name - Done 24/11/2014
- Add audio introduction and information in the game - Started 24/11/2014

Saturday, 22 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 22/11/2014

- Add more options during game play, losing helper, car impounded, house raided, catch STD - Done 21/11/2014
- Add Tax on weed sales - Done 21/11/2014
- Bug Fix: PIN access now checks before allowing new game to be started, prevents others overwriting your saved game progress - Done 21/11/2014
- Add requirement to pay child support, this increases with each child you have - Done 21/11/2014
- Add some code to allow testing of various options manually - Done 22/11/2014
- Add Jail game chance item - Done 22/11/2014
- Add hashing of high score file data using Vekibunk hashing process - create separate checking program - Done 22/11/2014
- Add bailing out street dealer - Done 22/11/2014
- Add drunk time lost - Done 22/11/2014
- Add prompt to visit equipment store - Done 22/11/2014

Thursday, 20 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 20/11/2014

- Change variable Turns to Days
- Add menu option to access my blog (Support Page) 
- Add menu option to restore old save game file (Reverse of file copy process) 
- Add PIN reset option - code available on request
- Bug Fix: When fight was won due to using your gun, Xpoints were being added twice, now fixed. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 18/11/2014

Today's Update:
- Added a pin number for the saved game file - using Vekibunk hashing process with a new unique key.
- General code clean up / formatting changes.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

MOC City Drug Runner - 17/11/2014

Today's Update:
- Add a new feature, if a rival drug dealer tries to steal your weed you can now give up some XPoints to avoid this happening.
- Change to hashing process used to secure saved game data file.
- General code clean up with some redundant code removed.
- Added backup system for saved game data file, it now keeps a backup copy of the saved game data file in another folder. I still need to add an option to load this file, at the moment it is a manual process.
- Bug Fix: Save game data file was not saving weed cost price successfully. This meant that when returning to a saved game file when you owned an amount of weed, it was not processing the profit / lose when that weed was sold.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Vekibunk - Hashing Process

About three years ago I started working on a project, some people have a dream to write a book or climb a mountain, in my case I have had a dream to create a full feature computer game.

As I have worked on this game (more details to be announced shortly) I got to the point where I added a feature where it saves your progress and allows you to return to the game at the same point. To do this I have written a number of values to a game progress file, this works well expect it is very easy to edit the file and give yourself extras such as extra money, abilities or health, in short cheating. Hashing is a good solution to this (link) and I have developed my own hashing process, this is called Vekibunk. 

Vekibunk has been developed as a side project, separate to my game but with the needs of this kept in mind as the main reason for creating it. I have written a separate program which can both create hash values and also compare the hash value against known text. For use in my game this process is used to create a hash value based on various values from the game progress file, if any of these values are manually changed than the hash value will not match and in my game this causes an error and won't allow you to play the game if any changes have been made.


HashedSaveGame = HashedProgress * "KEYVALUE2"

Both "KEYVALUE and "KEYVALUE2" are secret values which are hard coded in to the game. The "KEYVALUE" is many times larger then "VARIOUS GAME PROGRESS VALUES". 

If any of the "VARIOUS GAME PROGRESS VALUES" are changed, to give you extra money or to change any other game progress values, the HashedSaveGame value will not match, this stops cheating attempts.

Using the algorithm in Vekibunk against the following similar text strings produces significantly different hash values. 
"The boy crossed the road" = 312686304
"The boys crossed the road" = 356805960

Vekibunk is a program, a process, and an algorithm. A demo program where this is used is available, contact details are on the right menu bar.